Rembrandt Charms

14k Gold Poodle Dog Charm by Rembrandt Charms

12.91mm x 15.36mm / 0.508in. x 0.605in.

Style #0289

mpn: 10028904000

Poodle Dog Charm

Poodle Dog Charm by Rembrandt Charms. The height is 5/8 of an inch. Show off your love for your ferry friend with our finely groomed standard poodle charm.
This Poodle charm can be placed on a necklace or will be a wonderful addition to a Charm Bracelet. All Rembrandt Charms are available in either silver or gold.
(FUN FACTS: "The Poodle is thought to have originated in Germany where it is known as the Pudelhund, meaning splashing dog. Poodles are skillful in many areas. They can track, herd, retieve and they are good swimmers".)

14K Gold $322.00

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