Rembrandt Charms

14K Gold Manta Ray Charm by Rembrandt Charms

39.16mm x 40mm / 1.542in. x 1.575in.

Style #6786

mpn: 10678604000

Manta Ray

3 Dimensional Manta Ray Charm. This big ray is over an inch in height.
(FUN FACTS: "The manta ray is an amazing aquatic creature that can grow up to 25 feet in length and weigh 3000 lbs. The manta ray has a large brain and seems to have a curiosity of humans when divers are in their waters. The Manta is related to sharks
but it will not eat people and while they're also related to sting rays the manta's tail has no stinger".)

14K Gold $1,275.00

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