Rembrandt Charms

14K Gold Cement Truck Charm by Rembrandt Charms

20.73mm x 10.59mm / 0.816in. x 0.417in.

Style #6531

mpn: 10653104000

Cement Truck Charm

Rembrandt Cement Truck Charm with Spinning Barrel, 3 Dimensional. Give your favorite construction or concrete professional the Cement Truck Charm for their charm bracelet.
(FUN FACTS: "The first motorized transit for concrete was patented in 1916. The mixer used wooden paddles to mix as the cart wheels turned slowly it was cumbersome but better than being pulled by horses. In the 1940's the trucks were built
rugged and could haul heavier weights of wet or dry concrete".)

14K Gold $795.00

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