Rembrandt Charms

Rembrandt Pair of Skis Charm, 14K White Gold

15.38mm x 18.74mm / 0.606in. x 0.738in.

Style #0551

mpn: 10055110000

Pair of Skis Charm

Rembrandt Pair of Skis Charm. Slalom into some winter fun with the three-dimensional 5/8-inch pair of skis charm. Those who love downhill sports in the snow and wintry weather will love our skis.
This Ski jewelry makes a wonderful addition as a charm for a charm bracelet or can be placed on a necklace as a pendant. The entire collection is covered with a lifetime warranty backed by Rembrandt Charms.
Our charm is available in 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 10k yellow gold, sterling silver or even gold plate over sterling silver. Rembrandt charms miniature works of art will help you recall special days and interests in your life, or those you love.
(FUN FACTS: "The highest recorded speed by a skier is 156.2mph".)

14K White Gold $395.00

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