Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is your order turn-around time?

A: Orders placed before Noon (Central Standard Time) usually ship the same day, including orders with engraving.  If you paid for Express or Next Day delivery please call 1-830-438-8960 after placing your order to make sure no delays will prevent next day delivery.

Q: What are the shipping cost ?

1.) Free ground shipping (7-10 Days) on All Orders No Minimum 

2.) 2-3 Day shipping  $14.75

3.) Next Business Day Shipping  $24.95

4.) Saturday Delivery $39.75

Q:  How do I return my order?

A: Send your return via the U.S. Postal Service.  Please make sure your items are safely packaged so no harm comes to your items while in transit.  You may want to add a tracking number and insure your package as we do not cover lost returns sent to us. Your return must also have your order number, your first and last name, and a phone number to contact you. Your packing slip should have all this information so feel free to include it or a copy of it. Also you may want to write us a small note inside your package if you have any additional instructions.

If we have any questions about your return we will contact you via phone number or email you provided on your original order.

Return your order to:
CnJ Incorporated
20770 US Hwy 281 N #108-459
San Antonio, TX 78258

Q: What are the specifications of the individual charms (size, weight, etc.)?

A: By clicking on any charm, you will see the size, dimensions  in millimeters (most accurate) and also in inches. Rembrandt Charms are hand-crafted and we do not sell on the weight of the product, therefore you will not see that metric displayed.

Q: Do you ship outside the U.S. ?  What steps must I follow?

A: We also ship to Canada. If it is your desire to have your package shipped to Canada, please follow these steps.

1.)  When you are finished selecting your items and are viewing your shopping cart, fill in your billing information as normal. When you get to the "State Selection" please select the Alaska. Selecting Alaska insures that you have selected the appropriate shipping charges.

2.)  In the order comments box on the right side, enter your complete billing and shipping information.

3.) Once you have everything filled out just "Continue Checkout", then click on "Process Order", and you are done.

1.)  If you selected Charm Bracelet assembly or a Gift Card your order shipping will be delayed by 2 to 3 days. 

2.)  Customizable charms such as Calendar charms require 7-10 days and will start Production when they are ordered;

Q: What does the Lifetime Warranty on Rembrandt products cover?

A:  All Rembrandt products have a Lifetime Warranty. Rembrandt unconditionally guarantee's each piece. Warranty includes Free repair or replacement. Personalized items, engraving, soldering or lost items are not covered. Please include a check or money order in the amount of $5.95 for Shipping and Handling.

Q: The bracelet I received is to small/big. Can I exchange it for a different size?

A:  Yes, you can.  Please see Question #1 "How do I return my Order?"  Please include a note telling us you want to exchange your bracelet for a new desired length.  We will contact you to take care of any price difference at the time we receive the item(s).

Q:  Will engraving on my charms delay my order?

A:  Engraving will not delay an order if placed before Noon (Central Standard Time).  Delays will only occur if you're ordering a substantial amount of charms, usually 20+ charms. 

Q: Can I see my charm's engraving beforehand?

A:  Currently we do not have a way for you to view your engraving on your charm before you see it.  However we do have some examples of engraving fonts in BLOCK and Script that are shown on the product details page where the engraving is entered. 

Q:  If I add the assembly fee of $9.95 does that include attaching all charms on my order to the bracelet and soldering them?

A:   Assembly includes attaching all charms to the bracelet at the time of purchase.  No assembly does not include charm soldering because that voids the return policy and many times a charm might need to be placed on another link or in a different order than originally placed, making any changes difficult and costly

1.)  WE DO STRONGLY RECCOMEND having your charms soldered as soon as your happy with the charm placement on your bracelet.  If you do not have a local jeweler to use for soldering your charms, please refer to  Q:1  for instructions on returning your charms and bracelet to us for soldering by our professional jewelers.

2.)  We only charge a small fee for soldering materials and provide FREE labor.  Please call 1-800-654-3085 for current cost.  Or refer to your order confirmation or packing slip with your order for current cost. 

3.)  Charm bracelet Assembly by our professional jewelers, all together will only delay shipping a total of 1 - 3 days.

Q: What is Sterling Silver? 

A:  Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver.  The rest  07.5% is made up of a mixture of other metals to give it strength while at the same time preserving the beauty of silver.

Q: Why are My Sterling Silver Charms Magnetic?

A:  All Rembrandt Sterling Silver Charms are Rhodium Plated, causing the charms to be slightly attracted to a magnet.  Rhodium plating is used to prevent the silver from tarnishing.  Without rhodium plating, the silver will not have the same quality of shine and will tarnish.  Rhodium is a precious metal from the Platinum family and is a very expensive metal.

Q:  What is the difference between 10k and 14lk gold? 

A:  10k gold is 41.7% gold content and 14k is 58.5% gold content. The rest of percentages are made up of 7 different metals to give it strength while at the same time preserving the beauty and luster of gold and making the 7 different metals content small enough as to reduce almost any allergic reactions to them.

Q:  What is Gold Plating?   What is Rhodium Plating?

A:  Rembrandt's Gold Plating (or Vermeil) is the process of layering 22k gold over sterling silver.  Rhodium is a precious metal in the platinum family, which is used over our sterling silver to help prevent tarnishing.