Charm Bracelets

Charm N Jewelry Specializes in Charms for Charm Bracelets in Gold and Silver.

With 50 years experience to help you shop with confidence knowing your getting the best in consistent high quality jewelry that carry's a Lifetime warranty from Rembrandt manufacture.
Professional assistance is available for selecting the correct size and length bracelet for your wrist.

Please call 1-800-654-3085   Mon - Fri  10-5 CST  to speak with our friendly specialist.
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14k Gold Single Links,  22-Styles   Gold Double Links,  18-Styles
  White Gold Bracelets
14k White Gold Single Link,  22-Styles   14k Double Links, 4-Styles
14k White Gold Traditional Double Links 16-Styles 14k Gold Traditional Double Links  11-Styles
14k White Gold Fancy Styles with Hearts 3-Styles 14k Gold Two Tone Styles with Hearts 2-Styles
Light Weight Starter Bracelets Cubic Zircons 
14k Lightweight Starter Bracelet  2-Styles Cubic Zircons Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets, 6-Styles 
14k White Gold with Hearts  2-Styles   14k Yellow Gold with Hearts  2-Styles
14k Gold Charm Bracelet   Gold Rollo Style Charm Bracelet
Easy to Close Magnet Clasp  3-Styles   14k Gold Rollo Style  6-Styles
Young Girls Charm Bracelet   Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
Girls Charm Bracelets - Ages 3-18  12-Styles   Sterling Silver Bracelets  33-Styles
Charm bracelets that represent your life's journey. Starting from our baby shoes, or our boy or girl silhouette heads with your name on front and your birthday on the back or getting engaged we have 100's of love, wedding, flower girl and bridesmaid charms to commemorate this special time in your life, and 100's of travel charms.