Baby Charm Bracelets
Adjustable Lengths to fit Any Size Wrist
  Baby Charm Bracelets
Baby Charm Bracelets shown below are Standard 7 inch Charm Bracelets with lobster clasp. We Recommend these for Girls 3 to 18 years old because you can clasp them at 5, 6 or 7 inch lengths, then let them out as your child quickly grows. You can even add an additional small charm to the end or just let the bracelet end dangle.  

103 - Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelet
104 - Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelet
105 - Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelet
106 - Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelet
107 - Charm Bracelet Single Link
Charm Bracelet
Single Link

108 - Charm Bracelet  Starter Bracelet
Charm Bracelet,
A Good Starter

109 - Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelet
3 and 1 LINK

111 - Charm Bracelet - Single Link
Charm Bracelet
Single Link

112 - Charm Bracelet  Single Link
Charm Bracelet 
Single Link

115 - Charm Bracelet Rollo Style
Charm Bracelet
Rollo Style

116 - Charm Bracelet Solid Oval Link
Charm Bracelet
Solid Oval Link

117 - Charm Bracelet Double Link
Charm Bracelet
Double Link


Small Charm Ideas for Young Girl's Bracelets
5480 - Heart
Small Heart
5152 - Sunburst Charm
Sunburst Charm
8342 - Cupcake Pink Enamel
Cupcake w/Pink Enamel
8341 - Cupcake Blue Enamel
Cupcake w/Blue Enamel
7792 - Strawberry
526 - Comedy and Tragedy
Comedy and Tragedy
2734 - Baby Shoe Charm, (12) DEC
Baby Shoe (12) December
5704 - Apple
8260 - Pail and Shovel
Pail and Shovel
8294 - Tricycle
715 - Sailboat
2498 - Girl and Boy Silhouettes
Girl Silhouette Head
2418 - Tiara
641 - Baby Cup
Baby Cup Charm
886 - Pacifier
Pacifier Charm
3997 - Roller Skates
Roller Skates

Engraving BLOCK - Script & Monogramming

Why Choose Rembrandt Charms?

Sterling silver Baby Charm Bracelets are hand crafted for exquisite detail and finish to bring you a collection to be proud of that can be passed on as a family Eire loom. Relive life's most treasured moments, places you visited, sports you excelled at or your wedding and starting of your family. Start collecting today your favorite bracelet charms

Rembrandt's Lifetime Warranty,
  CharmNJewelry a Rembrandt Charms Authorized Dealer will gladly handle all your warranty repair or replacement of Rembrandt Jewelry.

Looking for birthday charms, we have birthday cakes, birthday numbers from 1st birthday to 99. Girl and Boy Silhouette heads and girl and boy storks bringing your baby girl or baby boy to you. Silver and Golden Birthdays and Anniversary's to celebrate all birthday years and last but not least, Zodiacs and birthstones, baby shoes, baby booties and hearts for all months Jan - Dec.

We recommend when your 100% satisfied with your bracelet charms, that you have them attached to your charms bracelet and then have them soldered on by a professional jeweler, if one isn't available to you them please contact us for assistance in returning your jewelry to us for soldering. Soldering your charms onto your bracelet will prevent them from coming off and losing them.